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Famous people and their measurements


Dwane Jhonson (The Rock)

  • height: 193
  • Weight: 119
  • Waist: 89
  • Chest: 127
  • Arms: 51
  • Thigh: 79
  • Neck: 50
  • Caff: 48
  • Knee: 40

What is Attractive Body Maker tool?

Attractive Body Maker tool is an awesome tool by Fluratech that helps you to check whether your body is ideal or not and we will give you proper explanations about your body and give you prescriptions for making your body perfect. We analyse your given height, weight, waist size, chest size, arms size, etc. and let you know what is your body shape along with giving dressing styles that better suit your body. The tool helps you to make the most attractive body by citing what you should improve and how much.

It is important to know that this tool works on mathematical calculations and it depends on the measurements and values you give in the input boxes. So always remember that the given information are approximation.

How to use the tool

Simply give your body measurements in the correct input boxes and click the check button. The video attached can give you a better sense of how to use the tool. So watch it completely before you get started.

What is a perfect/ideal male body?

We have taken that body which is rated to be the most attractive by various people all around the World, on different surveys conducted, as the ideal body. It is an athletic-type muscular body with a trapezoidal shape and with normal BMI

Different body shapes

  1. Rectangle Body Shape (also known as the "H" shape):

    • This body shape is characterized by relatively equal shoulder, waist, and hip measurements.
    • The waist is not highly defined, and there is a straighter line from the shoulders to the hips.
    • It's often associated with a lean or slender physique.

  2. Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

    • This body shape is characterized by broad shoulders and a narrower waist and hips.
    • The shoulders are the widest part of the body, creating a V-shaped appearance.
    • It's common among individuals with a naturally muscular or athletic build.
  3. Oval Body Shape:

    • The oval body shape is characterized by a rounder or more prominent midsection.
    • Individuals with an oval body shape tend to carry more weight around the abdomen.
    • The waist is less defined, and the shoulders and hips may be relatively similar in width.
  4. Trapezoid Body Shape (also known as the "V" shape):

    • Similar to the inverted triangle, this body shape features broad shoulders.
    • However, the waist is well-defined, and the hips are not as narrow as in the inverted triangle.
    • The overall silhouette resembles an upside-down trapezoid.

Classifications used to describe different body types

Certainly, the concepts of endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph are classifications used to describe different body types. These classifications are based on physical characteristics, metabolism, and how individuals tend to respond to diet and exercise. It's important to note that most people are a mix of these body types, with one type being more dominant than the others. Here's a brief overview of each body type:

  1. Endomorph:

    • Characteristics: Endomorphs tend to have a softer and rounder body shape with a higher percentage of body fat. They often have a wider waist and hips.
    • Metabolism: Endomorphs typically have a slower metabolism, which means they may have a tendency to gain weight more easily.
    • Muscle and Strength: They may find it relatively easy to gain muscle mass but may also gain fat more readily.
    • Diet and Exercise: Managing body weight can be a challenge for endomorphs, so they may need to pay careful attention to their diet and exercise routine. A balanced diet with portion control and regular exercise, including both cardio and strength training, is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.

  2. Mesomorph:

    • Characteristics: Mesomorphs have a more muscular and athletic build with a well-defined musculature. They often have a naturally lower body fat percentage and can gain muscle and lose fat relatively easily.
    • Metabolism: Mesomorphs tend to have a faster metabolism, which helps them maintain their lean physique.
    • Muscle and Strength: They have a natural propensity for building muscle and strength.
    • Diet and Exercise: Mesomorphs may see rapid results from their exercise efforts, making it important to maintain a balanced diet and fitness routine to stay in shape.

  3. Ectomorph:

    • Characteristics: Ectomorphs typically have a lean and slender body type with narrower shoulders and hips. They often have a fast metabolism and struggle to gain weight.
    • Metabolism: Ectomorphs have a high metabolism, which means they can eat more without gaining as much weight.
    • Muscle and Strength: Gaining muscle and strength can be more challenging for ectomorphs, but they can achieve a toned and athletic look with consistent training.
    • Diet and Exercise: Ectomorphs may need to focus on a diet rich in calories and protein to support muscle growth. Their exercise routine may include both resistance training and cardiovascular exercise to enhance muscle definition.

It's important to remember that these classifications are not rigid and that individual variation is significant. Additionally, lifestyle choices, diet, and exercise habits play a substantial role in shaping one's physique. Understanding your body type can be helpful for tailoring your fitness and nutrition plans, but it's not the sole determinant of your fitness potential.

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